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Cloud based services.

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About AWS Compute

Building and running your organization starts with compute, whether you are building enterprise, cloud-native or mobile apps, or running massive clusters to sequence the human genome. AWS offers a comprehensive portfolio of compute services allowing you to develop, deploy, run, and scale your applications and workloads in the world’s most powerful, secure and innovative compute cloud.

Why AWS?

Although there are many benefits, these are the reason why businesses love AWS

Cost Effective

Does not break the bank


AWS takes a simplified approach to hosting.

World-class network and storage

AWS has built the largest global network with 210 points of presence

Compute everywhere

Accessible any time and anywhere by your team and with no software maintenance concerns

Available Features

 Cloud based computing

Virtual Machines

Secure and resizable compute capacity (virtual servers) in the cloud.
    AWS Storage solutions


Highly secure, reliable, and scalable way to run containers.

      Cloud based AWS


Run code without thinking about servers. Pay only for the compute time you consume.

      Edge and Hybrid Logo

Edge and hybrid

Run AWS infrastructure and services on premises for a truly consistent hybrid experience

      Cost effective solutions

Cost and capacity management

Automatically add or remove compute capacity to meet changes in demand

Cloud Solutions

Methodology and Support

  • Scoping and analysis

  • AWS setup and configuration

    • Access to our localised applications

  • Support in modelling workflows using multiple databases - configuration, training, testing and live  

  • 2 days dedicated training in AWS

  • Dedicated support before going live to assist in getting data across

  • Dedicated support when going live

  • High priority support immediately following the go-live

  • Access to on-going professional support services 

  • Direct access to your data  

  • Note: Modifications are allowed but are quoted separately.